Placement preparation can be divided into two parts-  general placement preparation and company specific preparation. In this blog we will focus on general placement preparation.

What do you want to do?

Having clarity about your interests and future possibilities is very important. Ideally you should have focussed on this much earlier. Do you want to be analyst, data scientist, consultant, developer or just focus on higher education. If you are still confused, you would like to do SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis.

Process of Placement

The rounds that companies usually take in placements are resume shortlisting, aptitude tests, puzzles, group discussions, case studies & guess estimates, technical interviews, manager interview, HR interview. Resume shortlisting and aptitude tests are mainly for shortlisting candidates and are very common. Puzzles and technical interviews are taken when the role is technical. Case studies & guess estimates and group discussions are for consultancy and leadership related roles. HR interviews are very common but not critical.

One should always be prepared for resume shortlisting, aptitude tests and interviews if he is focussed for placements.

Resume Building

A resume is a compilation of facts about your achievements, along with specific details about their attainment.

Resume building starts even before you enter college. But you should actively focus on improving it at least one year before your placement. The courses or projects or internships that you engage in is part of building your resume. Choosing courses or projects which make your resume focussed towards your interest can be an important step.

Compilation of your achievements and your experiences that you had in your projects and internships takes time. Then you need to draft that compilation in a single page resume (and master resume too) with as much detail as required. You might also need to have different resumes for different roles or companies.

Find more about resume making process here.

Aptitude Test Preparation

Aptitude test preparation is pretty easy, all it takes is practice. Most of the questions asked in placement aptitude tests have a similar pattern. You need to learn and understand the pattern of questions, grasping data from LR/DI questions in a systematic manner, option eliminating strategies, other skills apart from work on your weak concepts.

There are some companies which have almost the same test pattern every year. You can practice specifically for these test patterns to improve your aptitude, in a short span of time, for these companies.

Prepleaf – an AI enabled test preparation portal provides an awesome portal for preparing aptitude and competing with students from top colleges all over India. Prepleaf provides practice questions, topic tests, live tests, company specific tests and AI based recommendations which will help you identify your weak spots and work upon it.

Interview Preparation

Interviews are most important rounds in placements. It generally revolves around your resume. So review your role and work in the internships or projects you had. If you can’t justify anything written on your resume it negatively affects your chances of selection. So don’t write anything on your resume which you can’t defend.

The interview panel judges you on your situational awareness, clarity in thought, communication and judgement skills on the basis of your responses on few open ended questions. So you should always be prepared for questions like- tell me about yourself, why do you want to apply for this role or company, why should we hire you, what are your future goals, etc.

Finally do some research on the company or field or role you are applying for. You can read interview experiences of others and common interview mistakes. You can use mentorship guidance provided by Prepleaf – Mentorship for Placements, if you need personal guidance at any step of your placement preparation.

When should you start preparing for Placement?

The time required for placement preparation depends on the role you want to apply for. Developing your skills takes time. Resume making (just compilation and drafting) can be done in around 20 days. Mastering aptitude and puzzles can be done in around two months. Interview preparation needs at least one months. If you want to apply for a specific role, you would want to dedicate around one month for company specific preparation.

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