With 100 days left for the Exam, it is very important on how efficiently one strategises and utilises the time at hand as it is not too late to make it to the dream college. Here is a note on how to do the same by dividing the time available into 3 phases.

Phase 1 – Concepts

Strong foundation is very important for any given process. With 100 days with us, we recommend that you spend 60 days to learn up the concepts of the syllabus and practice them thoroughly. Set aside each day 3 hours each for Quantitative aptitude and 3 hours for Logical Reasoning for the first 30 days and repeat the same with VARC and DILR for the next 30. Along with these practice questions, taking up mock tests is an important step as this will help analyse your current stance in the game and accordingly set the necessary strategy to make the goal. For this you should be taking up at least 1 mock per week in the 1st month, building up the frequency exponentially thereafter.

Phase 2 – Mocks

Now that the basics are strong it is time to take the next step to take up as many mocks as possible in the next 30 days. The mocks should be taken every alternate day and thoroughly analyse every test to have a clear idea about your strengths and weakness and work on the necessary topics accordingly. Before taking up the next mock the area of improved must be practiced enough and should also be well aided with the right strategies.

Phase 3 – Revision

This 10 days before the exam is where you would have to put in your heart and soul into the preparations! So your focus should be on revising all the topics and remain calm and confident while taking those mocks, now 1 per day. Say if you got 30-60% of the questions right in the 1st two stages, then now is the time to push that number to 80-85% at least to get above 90 percentile and get into the IIM and other top colleges. So the crucial factor is accuracy and speed because remember, anyone can solve the questions if there ample time, the trick is to get it right in the given time window. The day just before the exam one should make sure to get enough rest and keep the mind in a calm and composed state, be confident as enough preparation has been done. All that is left is to go to the exam centre well before time and ace that paper on the D-day. You’ve got this champs!

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