Okay soldiers, fret not. As the right mind-set and strategised preparations can still help you crack CAT and land you in your dream college. Here we have put together some of the tested ways to ace CAT with 1 month’s preparation.

1. Focus on the important topics only

With the little amount of time at hand it’s really important to focus only on the topics that would help you fetch maximum marks. One should refer to the previous years’ papers and pick the topics with more weightage. This will work out as the concepts in CAT are all of which have been studied in school and could be brushed upon while solving the papers.

2. Time management

This is a crucial factor to keep it all going smoothly, a well-planned out time-table and following up with makes all the difference during this time. This should enable you to cover all the important topics discussed above while taking into consideration your strength and weaknesses. It should be kept in mind that adequate amount is dedicated to all the sections of the paper as there will be sectional cut-offs if not met would become a hindrance to get into the college of your choice. Also, make sure to get a least 4-5 hours of sleep with study plan prepared. Remember to stick to it and do not deviate.

3. Mock tests

Be it 300 days before exam or 30, Mocks are a must. The mocks should be taken every alternate day and thoroughly analyse every test to have a clear idea about your strengths and weakness and work on the necessary topics accordingly. This is to help you the actual experience of the CAT exam you take up. It is equally important to track the progress and work on the areas that need additional efforts to get the best outcome of the plan. One more important thing to keep in mind is to not get disheartened or overconfident by the mock test results as Mocks are just Milestones in the journey to the final CAT exam and its results are not to be taken emotionally.

You can find tons of mock tests here for free – CAT Preparation – Prepleaf.

4. Keep your calm

This is the most important factor while preparing in this last lap of the exam preparations. It is crucial that you do not over burden yourself and burn out as you approach the exam. Instead pace yourself out with right discipline and time management. Remember to incorporate in your schedule some healthy habits that help you keep your calm and refresh your mind. Meditate if possible. Eat and Stay healthy. Be confident about yourself and your efforts and you are good to go!

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