To crack an exam like CAT, where 2 lakh plus students take up the exam and around 15 – 18k students make it to the top prestigious B-schools, it is important to have the right tools for your preparation. Prepleaf provides just that and gives you an added edge over others by providing customised tests that effectively helps you work on your areas of improvement. You can checkout the platform here: CAT Preparation – Prepleaf.

Practice Series

We’ve all heard the quote “Practice makes a man perfect” and strongly believe it as an important step to crack CAT and other competitive exams. So we’ve got this covered under 2 categories; Topics and Mixed.

  • Topics wise: This section covers Quantitative aptitude questions and the Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension questions to gain expertise section-wise according to one’s requirement.
  • Mixed series: This series is further categorised on the basis of difficulty levels of the questions as Easy, Medium and Hard. This way once the basics are covered the student can successively progress from easy to hard.

Test Series

After practice, tests are the best way to know our mistakes and strategically rectify them. This section consists of:

  • Topic wise: This section has various topics that one should focus on according to their strengths and weakness. It covers Numbers; Algebra; Progression and Series; Average Ratio & Proportion; Time, Distance & Work; Probability & Combinations; Function & set theory and geometry under Quantitative aptitude. Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Para Jumble/Completion, Grammar, Critical Reasoning, Vocab /Analogies / Inference under VARC.
  • Sectional: This series focuses on the complete sections of the CAT to be solved rather than topics alone i.e. QA, DILR and VARC. The students can this way work on a section they need more practice on.
  • Full mocks: These complete full length mock tests for CAT, SNAP and IIFT help them build on the strength, strategy and stamina one would require for the final exam. This series would help to plan and achieve your goals more efficiently.


The AI based platform allows the students to track and analyse the tests both quantitatively and qualitatively. It can be done for individual tests as well as the overall performance so far. It also depicts the percentage of the set goals completed and number of days taken to keep a track of the progress that is made.

Another USP of this platform is the customised test, this section helps students pick the topics under each section that they would need to work on more based on their current stance and hence gives them more challenging and growing platform to learn. The students can visit the questions they need to practice again by simply bookmarking the questions. All these series and tests can be diligently planned out on the planner available to be followed accordingly to be best prepared for D- day with complete confidence.

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